Here we go…

Here goes nothing…
People have told me on more than a few occasions that I should write my own blog.
However, I have always thought to myself…. Who would read the words that so often spew from my mouth?
As Stefan prepares to go on his recruit course and leave Winston and I alone at home for the next 10 foreseeable weekends, I figured that this would be the ideal time to start. I mean why not? I’m home alone anyways. I’d be talking to the dog with no response so why not start typing with no response (at least no humanly audible one).
Now I come to the point where I have to decide WHAT I am going to blog about….
There’s the food I make…. and dance… and crafts… and school work…
So I have decided to write about it all! Why not? It’s my blog and I’ll do with it what I want.
I’ll try to get in writing at least every second day. No promises though. If you know me well enough you know that my life on many occasions is busier than a fart in a bottle. Between, work, ballet, band, the PC Players, family, and friends it is sometimes hard to sit down and find a moment to myself. A moment where I am only me and my thoughts. No other voice to be heard. But then again, (but at the beginning of a sentence I know, I know) if you know me well enough you know I thrive among people and I feel at my happiest when with Stefan and the people I care about.
Nevertheless, sometimes being alone with your thoughts is nice. I do not want to ramble on in my first post so it is here I will end.
You have food, dance, crafts, school stuff, and much, much more to look forward to reading and I hope this blog will bring you nothing but smiles and occasionally a few laughs. 🙂

TTFN, Mander


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