Arm Knitting Cowl Scarves

Needles, and yarn, and pearling, oh my!
Knitting is a daunting task to many. What size needles?! There’s different weights to yarn?! Counting stiches?!

I was afraid at first as well. Then I dove head first into a blanket that will never be at some point I will finish.
(Here’s it’s status now…)

Anywho, here’s a craft that anyone can do! The finished product is lovely and it doesn’t take you months to finish! Bulky yarn works the best so I would go for size 5 at the very minimum – 6 and super bulky work the best. This makes for lovely gifts and wonderful accessories. I bought this yarn at Fabricville; they tend to be cheaper than Michael’s.

All you need is:
– 2-4 skeins of bulky yarn (2 for the tight large cowl in position 3 of the final products. I also only used 2 for the loose cowl in positions 1 & 2 of the finished products photo. I would use 4 if you want to be able to double it up when wearing either.)
– Your arms!!!


The idea comes from and their YouTube video and instructions that I followed can be found right here:

In pictures 1 & 2 of the final products I did only 8 links rather than 12 to see how it would look. Picture 3 of the final products is the 12 links.


Happy arm knitting!!


3 thoughts on “Arm Knitting Cowl Scarves

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