DIY Ribbon Christmas Ornament

Do not hate me. I started my Christmas preparations and gift making in July because well…. sometimes I just feel the need to get ahead of the game!  I’m not one of those people though that listen to the music in July *cough* Hannah *cough*  I prefer to wait until December to actually start getting in the mood.  But the gift making and prep can start whenever I have the time and the energy 🙂

Today’s Christmas prep was making ornaments!  This was extremely fun and just a little time consuming…  Time consuming because the tiny little sequin pins are just that, tiny.

The materials you need to make this craft are:

-Scissors 🙂

This idea came from a Pinterest post I saw.  Now I do not understand the language AT ALL, however the photos that accompany the article are enough explanation on their own.

I did not add the little bows on top but it is something I am thinking of doing.

Here are a few photos during the process and after 🙂



Happy crafting!


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