DIY Dip Mix and Hot Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

I love Christmas. Particularly, I love giving gifts.  I love the feeling of watching someone open up a gift I have found for them that I truly know they will enjoy.  In my mind, it truly is ‘the most wonderful time of the year”.

That being said, I decided I would make quite a few of my gifts this year, like the arm knitting and finger knitting projects I have written about already.  However, for these news projects, I did not have to work alone!  My bestest friend Miss Allison came over and we had an afternoon of crafting, movie watching, and food eating.

Both of these projects are from the same lady’s blog,

The glass ornaments we used were from Michael’s and the ribbon is from the 1$ aisle at Target.  All the spices can be found at your local grocer’s and I went to bulk barn for the tiny chocolate chips and bulk white and regular hot chocolate. You will also need foil to close up the tops. Lastly, make sure you have a funnel on hand! Trust us….. You will need it!

The Dip Mix Ornaments

The 5 dip mixes that are created for this adorable gift are Dill, Bacon, Fiesta, Italian, and Herb Ranch.  Be aware that two mixes call for items that we couldn’t find to place inside – non-refrigerated parmesan cheese and non-refiregerated bacon bits. This just means that on the instruction card we have written down that the person must add them themselves.
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Hot Chocolate Ornaments

For these ornaments, we used hot chocolate, mini chips and candy canes purchased from the Bulk Barn.  The funnel comes in handy again here!






Happy crafting and gift giving!


Fingering Knitting Boot Cuffs, Headbands, and Scarves!


What a perfect way to get cozy for the weather! What makes this craft so wonderful is that not only is it super cute, but super inexpensive! One skein of yarn made all three of these items! I bought the yarn from Michael’s and the buttons for the boot cuffs from Fabricville.


The head band I found on this lovely lady’s site: Make sure you leave enough to tie the ends!


The boot cuffs are from another site:


There was enough left over from the skein for me to make an arm knit scarf afterwards. Now of course this will all depend on the size of your calves and your head. But this highland dancer’s calves and head that doesn’t fit most hats had enough left over and so hopefully you will too!

Happy cozy crafting!