Puzzling Assignments

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”
-William Shakespeare

Students crouch and hide the moment the bard’s name is spoken. They have been brain washed one could say into believing that his works are “too hard, too confusing, too long” or “too boring”. Any true Shakespeare lover has their heart broken a little more each time those words are spoken.

When trying to get students to engage with Shakespeare’s works it is a wonderful idea to have them try to connect the pieces. Literally. The following teaching idea comes from my mentor and friend Mrs. Brown. Where she found this idea I do not know but it is a great way to have students connect some dots!

Each puzzle piece in this assignment has been given a different topic. Students are then assigned a scene (or if doing this with a novel then perhaps a chapter). Students are randomly given the chopped up puzzle pieces and they must complete which ever pieces they are assigned. They are to cut them up and glue them onto the template as the final part of this assignment.

This is meant to see what they retained from the day’s reading, what they understand and how they can piece together different parts of what they have read. When it comes to marking this assignment it is easy to give 5 marks to each puzzle piece for a total of 20. You are looking for accuracy, effort, relevant information and quotations.

Keep calm and teach on!